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Maps are unlocked by completing Campaign levels. Once unlocked, you can play them anytime in the Skirmish or Multiplayer modes. Each one has different characteristics.

  • Number of Players: Refers to the number of players or AI that can play in the given map. Each player is represented by a color. Currently, the game allows for up to 6 players.
  • Number of Territories: Refers to the number of occupiable lands, represented by the landmasses in the game. A set of lands is called a Kingdom, which gives a bonus when all occupied by the same player.
  • Neutral City: Determines the number of big, permanent cities (castles) not owned by a player or AI.

Map List[]

Below is the list of maps (sorted by number of players) currently available in the game and the campaign levels which must be completed in order to unlock them for skirmish and multiplayer modes. New campaigns can only be played by completing the campaigns before them.

Map Where to Unlock Campaign Title No. of Players New Heroes Unlocked
Aquillan Sea Faeborne #4 Survive the Red Sea 2
Istmar Faeborne #5 Reclaiming Istmar 2 Izmuth
Meral Sea Revenant #4 The Treasures of Erlund 2 Graziano
Moonlake Vale Revenant #4 The Fall of Moonlake Vale 2
The Isthmus Faeborne #7 Reclaim the Isthmus 2 Savil
Zengmar Hundred Kingdoms #9 Shatterwind Hold Rises 2 Tara
Dalelands Hundred Kingdoms #1 Defend the Dalelands 3 Gregarious, Bancara, Zalaman, Ridley
Dranacor Straits Faeborne #1 The Straits of Dranacor 3 Moko
Hoarfrost Hundred Kingdoms #3 Revenge Upon the Faeborne 3
Pelannon Revenant #6 Assault on Pelannon 3
Quillan Isles Faeborne #3 Liberation of the Quillan Isles 3
Shadowvale Hundred Kingdoms #4 Secure the North Coast 3
Stonemeadow Revenant #2 The Ironborn Struggle 3 Deidre
Kembia Revenant #8 Turning the Tides 4
Mount Fury Revenant #1 The Invasion of Mount Fury 4
Mouthless Sea Hundred Kingdoms #2 The Revenant Retreat 4
Sargoth Faeborne #2 City in Peril 4
Sea of Masks Revenant #9 Seizing the Sea of Masks 4
The Gyre Revenant #5 Portal From the Underworld 4
Turan Sea Revenant #3 The Other Side of the Strait 4
Windshore Faeborne #8 The Windshore Islands 4 Ter
Novali Hundred Kingdoms #6 The Battle for Novali 5
Sea of Tusks Hundred Kingdoms #5 Zalaman Unleashed 5 Erika
Sorinthia Hundred Kingdoms #8 March Upon the Northlands 5
The Riftlands Revenant #10 Returning the Favor 5 Ul'mar
Bleak Coast Revenant #7 Orcish Rebellion 6 Hannibal
Glacierlands Faeborne #6 Hostility in The Glacierlands 6
Greythorn Peaks Faeborne #10 The Last Stand of Zandalas 6 Anatolius
Lornwyre Faeborne #9 The Conquest of the Ironborn 6
Tolroth Hundred Kingdoms #10 Argenta Counterattack 6 Olivia